The Burnaby Area Beaver Scouters are a pretty awesome group of men and women who are crazy enough to work primarily with Scouting youth between the ages of 5 and 7. Our Scouting experience ranges from less than 1 year to 20+ years. Many of us are learning to scout along with our own children.

We meet on the second Tuesday of every month during the Scouting Year (September through June) to laugh and share our experiences and our achievements. Our agenda usually includes:

  • Burnaby Area Beaver Scouting Events (scheduling, roles and responsibilities, etc)
  • Tips and tricks for Scouters
  • Canadian Path transition

We decided ages ago that we should have a central resource for information sharing, and agreed that a blog would be the best tool. So here it is (finally)!

Posting is open to any Burnaby Area Beaver Scouter – if you want access contact the site administrator Scouter Rosie. At a minimum this site will include monthly meeting reports, updates on our seasonal events, and Canadian Path information. At a maximum it will be a lovely record of the magic that is Burnaby Area Beaver Scouting.


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