Not all the OAS skills have to be tested in Colony, and not all groups have access to a lifeguard who can work with the youth on in-water skills. In early stages, many requirements can be done on dry land, leaving other requirements for motivated youth to complete with family.
Those youth who are in swimming lessons can transfer their skills! Have your youth bring in their report cards from Swim Kids or Swim Kids Preschool.
  • Aquatic Stage 1 floating/gliding requirement of 5 metres is covered in Red Cross Swim Level 1 OR Red Cross Swim Preschool Sunfish
  • Aquatic Stage 2 Swimming requirement to swim 10 metres is met at completion of Red Cross Swim Level 2 OR Red Cross Swim Preschool Crocodile
  • Aquatic Stage 3 Swimming requirement to swim 25 metres is met in Red Cross Swim Level 4.
Need more information?
Swim Program Conversion Chart for YMCA-Red Cross-Lifesaving Society-I Can Swim

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