A what-now? So…  1 Centre Lake has one essential toolkit they ALWAYS bring to overnight events: the PUKE BUCKET.

This magical bucket contains everything you need for that disaster we all pray we won’t have to deal with. You know, that moment in the night when all the excitement and extra snacks (or an unexpected illness) all catches up with poor Beaver just when you thought he’d be falling asleep?

Without a Puke Bucket, you’d be scrambling in the dark to find what you need to clean up Beaver (and surrounds) before the smell and nausea spreads.  But with one, you’ll have

  1. protected yourself from biohazards with gloves
  2. soaked up the moisture and absorbed smells with kitty litter
  3. scooped up the kitty litter
  4. cleaned all surfaces with lovely baby wipes & cleaner
  5. rinsed the child’s mouth with water from a fresh water bottle
  6. dumped the used litter, wipes and gloves in a readily available plastic bag
  7. sanitized

All before anyone really noticed there was something going on.

Here’s what it looks like.



  • Paint bucket with lid to contain everything!
  • Many pairs of Gloves
  • Kitty Litter & Scoop in small ice cream bucket
  • Plastic bags in small ice cream bucket
  • Several small bottles of water
  • Baby Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Bag of paper towels
  • Benzo wipes

Do you have an essential tool? Tell us about it!


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