Flashlight Tag
We still have some time where we are in the dark during our evening meetings and want to do a little outdoor component. A game suggestion that the 1CL Beavers love is a quick game of flashlight tag outside. We have played this game where every kid has a flashlight and we have played it where only a few have a flashlight. Object of the game is: you’re tagged and frozen if you’re “hit” by the flashlight’s beam. Your fellow Beavers can unfreeze you by the usual under arm or tagging.

Lightstick Madness

Also a game for the evening darkness. Get glow sticks of several colors and head out to a large field, outdoor space. Several leaders will be required as throwers. Object of the game is: to catch and collect glow sticks for ‘points’. One leader yells out the points value of the colour of glow sticks and all of the leaders throw whatever they have in their hands as far as they can, all at once or one at a time. It helps to have a large point spread, for example all blue are worth 35 points, green are 200, and the red one is worth a million, etc. Beavers bring up the glow sticks they gathered and hand them in to the leader and head back out into the field and the glow sticks get thrown out again. Change up the point spread as you wish and the kids will keep track of their own points with whatever math they want. This game can be quick or as long as you wish.


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