PA badges have individualized criteria. Youth usually complete the requirements for these badges at home. There is a four step process:

  1. Choose a Badge topic and make a name for your plan
  2. Come up with three parts (adventures) to your plan. A good rule of thumb is to have 1 adventure where you learn, 1 where you do something you have never done before, and 1 that you share with the colony. Decide on when you will finish your plan.
  3. Do the three adventures. Make sure you draw pictures or take photos about what you have done.
  4. Tell the Scouter that you are finished your plan.

Youth that are also taking sports, music, or spiritual lessons may come up with a plan that jointly makes progress in those lessons and towards the badge.

Here are some examples of plans, selected from the Beaver Scout Personal Achievement Badge Guide. You can copy these plans or make up your own. Each plan needs to have three adventures.

Beavers of The World (International Scouting) – Learn about Scouting around the world

Adventure 1: Find out what the young scouts in another country are called (are they called Beavers or something else) and what is their Promise and Law? Is it different from the one we use in Canada?

Adventure 2: Learn about a game that the young Scouts play in another country.

Adventure 3: Make a collage of the scout crests they use in another country and other things you think are interesting, like the environment, animals, or cities that Scouting happens in.

Canada Beaver – Learn about what it means to be Canadian

Adventure 1: What are the symbols of Canada and your Province? (flower, flag, animal, bird, crest)

Adventure 2: Find out about 1 or more inventions made by Canadians. Which do you use every day?

Adventure 3: Visit a First Nation elder, a veteran soldier, a museum or historic place, or attend a Canadian celebration like Flag Day, Canada Day, or BC Day. What did you learn that you did not know before? Share some photos or drawings with the colony.

Option: First Nations Plan: Adventure 1: Learn about the traditional place names in your area and learn some words in the local First Nations language. Adventure 2: Learn about local First Nations regalia. When is it worn? What does it look like? Adventure 3: Visit the local band office or a museum.

Community Beaver (Beaver Helper) – do something to help your Colony, Family, or Community

Adventure 1: Write Thank-you notes or pictures for least three people who help you. Surprise someone who doesn’t usually get thanked, like the cashier at the store or a lifeguard at the pool.

Adventure 2: Surprise your family by doing two or three jobs at home that you don’t usually do.

Adventure 3: Read or tell a story to a younger sibling.

Option: Plan and Do three good turns. Make each adventure one of the good turns. (example: I will help carry an elder’s groceries at the store. I will rake leaves for a neighbour. I will bring our neighbours a gift.)

Creative Beaver – use your imagination and create something new

Option: Do three works of art. Each one should use a different kind of tool or materials. Example Adventure 1: Sculpture out of play dough or clay. Adventure 2: Paint a picture. Adventure 3: make a papier-mache or paper craft.

Option: Invent something that could make life easier or more fun. Adventure 1: Draw your design. Adventure 2: Make a model of your design. Adventure 3: Present your design to the Colony.

Earth Beaver – Learn about the earth and help take care of the earth


Adventure 1: List 5 plants that grow in the garden and 5 plants that grow in the forest.

Adventure 2: Visit a garden or forest and draw pictures of some plants you see there. Include the names of the plants.

Adventure 3: Grow a plant from a seed or a bulb.


Adventure 1: Go for a hike and look for signs of animals like nests, holes, tracks and poop.

Adventure 2: Learn about a wild animal that lives in your area. What does it eat? Where does it live?

Adventure 3: Make something to help local animals, like a bird feeder, bird house, or bat house, and hang it outside.


Adventure 1: Help out at a community garden or community cleanup

Adventure 2: Learn about an animal that is almost extinct. Where does it live, what does it eat? Why is this animal important?

Adventure 3: How does the rainforest help the world? Show on a map where the rainforests are and where they are endangered.

Exploring Beaver – going somewhere new!

All explorers keep a journal! Draw pictures or write notes about what you see and do for the first time on your explorer badge!

Adventure 1: Explore somewhere in the natural world.

Adventure 2: Explore somewhere in your community (Library, aquarium, recycling depot, etc)

Adventure 3: Use your imagination: what if you explored a place in the past, the future, or outer space?

Option: Explore three different places that you have not been before– each place is a different adventure. Example: Adventure 1: explore the seashore. Adventure 2: explore a forest. Adventure 3: explore a mountain path.

Friendship Beaver – Being a great friend & understand the Beaver Scout Law

Adventure 1: Interview one of your friends. What are their favourite places, foods and activities? What is the same or different about you? Why are you good friends?

Adventure 2: Make up or find a game, song or poem about friendship and share with Colony.

Adventure 3: Take photos or make a collage about the things friends do together.

Option: Do an Adventure for each part of the Beaver Scout Law. Adventure 1: have fun (Lead a game at Beavers). Adventure 2: work hard. Adventure 3: help family and friends.

Beaver Heroes

Adventure 1: Invent a hero for your community. Draw a picture or write a story. Why do we need this kind of hero?

Adventure 2: With an adult’s help, find a good news story about someone who is a hero. How did they become a hero? Why are they a hero?

Adventure 3: Work with a Scouter to arrange a Colony visit with a local hero in your community, like a paramedic, doctor, firefighter, police officer or other hero.

Leader Beaver – Learn about how to be a good leader

Adventure 1: Organize (with help) an event or activity for your family or the Colony.

Adventure 2: Make a poster about what makes a good leader.

Adventure 3: Teach someone something that you know how to do really well, like a game, skill or a sport.

Musical Beaver

Adventure 1: Learn to play a tune on an instrument.

Adventure 2: Make a musical instrument OR Learn the parts of an instrument.

Adventure 3: Learn a new song or make up new words to a song you already know. Share with the Colony.

Option: Music Lessons Adventures: Choose three skills you want to learn in your music lessons. Bring a certificate or statement from your music teacher when you have done it.

Olympic Beaver

Adventure 1: Try out a new sport, game or activity you have never done before.

Adventure 2: Pick three physical activities. How do they help your body stay strong and healthy?

Adventure 3: Choose a physical activity (like skipping rope, running 10 metres or throwing a ball) and set a new goal for personal best. Go for it!

Option: Sport Skill Plan: Set goals for three skills you want to improve in your sport. (Example: Choose three skating skills to work on, like stopping, gliding or turns).

Pet Care Beaver

Adventure 1: Choose a pet and list or draw how to care for it

Adventure 2: Visit an animal shelter, a pet store, an animal hospital or a bird reserve. Find out how they help animals and why.

Adventure 3: List the top ten best pets and who would enjoy them the most.

Option: help take care of a pet for 2 weeks. What are three activities that are important to taking care of the pet? Sample: 1. Walk the dog on a leash, 2. Give the dog a bath, 3. feed and water daily.

Scientist Beaver

Adventure 1: Use a magnet. List what you can pick up and not pick up around your house with the magnet.

Adventure 2: Visit an astronomy centre, science museum, or natural history museum to learn something new.

Adventure 3: Experiment with materials to make a boat that can float. What about one that can carry the most coins without sinking? Keep track of your work.

Option: Choose 3 science experiments to complete at home. Draw pictures of your experiments and write down what you learned.

Spirit Beaver

Adventure 1: Make a food or learn a story that is part of your culture or tradition.

Adventure 2: Write a prayer or find one to share with your lodge.

Adventure 3: Make a collage about things you are thankful for.

Option: Work with your faith group to design three challenges to complete.

Option: Internal Compass Plan: 1. Draw or colour the Internal Compass and label it (Wonder, Gratitude, Service, Reflection). 2. Do one thing for each point of the compass. 3. Draw a picture or add a photo about your experiences.

Tech Beaver

Adventure 1: Find out about how your favourite piece of technology was invented or made.

Adventure 2: With your parent, create the rules for using technology like phones, tablets, the stove and the fridge.

Adventure 3: Make a “day without tech” challenge for yourself or your family. Make a list of all the things your family can do without electricity, batteries, or internet/tv. How did it go?

Option: Be a tech inventor. Make a three-part plan to create a video game, website or robot. Sample: 1. Learn the Skill you need 2. Make 3. Present to the Colony.


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